Gambling as entertainment

Gambling can be a form of entertainment or recreation if you follow some sensible rules:

  • Keep away from high-risk forms of gambling where you can lose large sums of money very quickly.
  • Limiting the amount of time you spend gambling will give you time to do other, more important things with your life.
  • Quit whilst your ahead. If you continue, you are likely to lose because the odds are always stacked against you. This is how bookies and casinos make their money.
  • Look at how much you have spent placing bets vs the wins you have made. It is easy to think you are making money or at least breaking even when you get a win but usually this is not the case, and you have still lost out by spending money to get there.
  • When Gambling becomes a problem!
  • For some of us gambling is a harmless activity and a bit of fun. But, for some people, gambling is a way of life and an addiction that can wreck their lives.

Some signs may be:

  • Spending more money on gambling then you can afford. If you continue to gamble, you could get into serious debt. You could also lose your home and your possessions
  • Spending so much time gambling that you neglect other important areas of your life like your family or your work. You could lose your job or end up divorced or separated from your partner and children
  • Your feelings and behaviour might change. For example, you may become depressed when you lose or over-excited when you win. In serious cases, you may feel that you are only really alive when you gamble
  • It leads you to inappropriate or even criminal behaviour. For example, you may lie to family and friends about your gambling activities or you may steal to fund your gambling habit.