About the Make It Visible Taskforce

There are many terrific wellbeing and welfare initiatives operating within the construction sector in the UK and Ireland, however the empirical evidence suggests that:

  • we are not reducing the incidence of suicides in our industry,
  • we are not making major improvements in the overall workforce welfare environmental conditions,
  • our workforce is not aware of the excellent support services that they can utilise if they are struggling or in crisis.

Make It Visible is an industry wide taskforce and its goal is to

  • unite the industry wellbeing projects into one major recognisable movement,
  • investigate, qualify and publish best practice from home and abroad,
  • implement services that deliver measurable improvement to the welfare and wellbeing of our workforce in the shortest period of time,
  • promote a more proactive, preventative approach to wellbeing across construction,
  • drive long term culture change within the industry to promote equality, diversity inclusion, fairness and respect that will ultimately promote construction as a career choice for generations to come.

The power of ONE and the best of MANY


Why Make It Visible
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