The construction industry has invested heavily in training Wellbeing Champions and we have over 12,000 volunteer representatives across the UK and Ireland.

As Wellbeing Champions you deliver support interventions on a daily basis and carry the emotional weight of the workforce and we need to give you support too.

Our Wellbeing First Aid Support system is all about caring for our carers.

If you are a Wellbeing Champion or Mental Health First Aider simply follow this 3-step process to get access to professional counselling and support.




  1. Register on the Wellbeing Champion support system.
  2. Record all your interventions on the system using the dropdown menus. No personal details are taken. The individual you are supporting remains completely anonymous.
  3. On completion of your intervention, let us know if you are OK. If you need help, supervision or decompression after a tough intervention we will give you help and support.

By recording your interventions not only can we give you FREE help and support, we will also gain greater insight into what you are being asked to handle as a Wellbeing Champion and we can take action on an industry wide basis to educate or put programmes in place to give greater support.