Tips to help you to smoke less

  • Do the numbers. Work out how many you smoke a day and gradually work to reduce it. Set yourself a goal, aim to half the number of cigarettes you smoke before your birthday. Once you’ve achieved this, set yourself another goal!
  • Avoid situations where you would normally smoke. If you are more likely to smoke, or you smoke more when you drink alcohol, try to avoid drinking or visiting the pub within the first few weeks while the withdrawal symptoms are the strongest.
  • Change your routine to break a smoking habit. If you have certain checkpoints throughout the day when you smoke (such as on your break at work), change what you do on your break to something more positive to help break the habit. Go for a walk, learn a new skill, find a funny podcast…anything that will keep you occupied and less likely to think about lighting up.
  • Use alternatives like e-cigarettes. Your pharmacist will be happy to take you through alternatives or contact the local NHS smoking service.
  • Use smoking cessation helplines. They are there for you when the cravings come for you.
  • Remember why you are stopping and who you’re stopping for
  • Tell your friends, family and work mates who you smoke with about your intentions to quit. They should be supportive. If they are not supportive, it might be necessary to avoid these people for the first few weeks while cravings are the strongest – or make better friends!