Health Protection is something that is worth considering especially if your self-employed as even a short amount of time out of work can have a massive impact on your financial situation and it can cause finances to spiral out of control. If your unable to work through sickness, accident or unemployment this is very likely to have a significant impact on your ability to pay your bills. Always insure your using a FCA (financial conduct authority) regulated service for financial advice.

We all can fall into the thinking that:

  • It will never happen to me
  • Its wasted money as there is no return unless you claim
  • Don’t like to think about being ill or dying
  • Prefer to live for today
  • The state my employer will provide for me
  • Don’t understand the products
  • Mistrust of providers for example always looking at ways of not paying claims.

There is more information on life assurance and income insurance in our tools section. If you are struggling with your finances makes sure you pay your priority bills first, if you need help or support please contact our helpline.