Ease your anxiety!

Ease Your Anxiety

Here are some tips to help you ease your anxiety –

  • Address the worry. When feelings of anxiety become overwhelming, it can become hard to pin point the cause/s. Try writing them down as they come into your mind. Once you have your list, go through them one by one (setting a timer for each point if it helps you to focus). Acknowledge each point of worry on your list and think about what practical things you can do to feel better about the problem. Ask somebody for help with this if you’re struggling.
  • Try doing some deep breathing exercises to help you relax in the short term. The NHS website has some you can try or you can download free apps such as ‘CALM’ or ‘Oak’ which have some you can try out.
  • Movement can help reduce anxiety. Whether you’re someone who enjoys intense exercise or you’re better placed in a yoga class or just walking around the block, getting moving can really help your mindset.
  • Try keeping a diary of your anxiety. This can help to identify your triggers.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol as these can make anxiety worse.
  • It can also help to open up to someone you trust.