Thigh Pain

Most thigh injuries are caused from sporting activities or as direct injury. Such injuries can be from stretching, twisting or over-extending, or a blow to the thigh. These should settle within 6 weeks.

Facts & Figures:

  • The muscle at the back of the thigh is called the hamstrings, this is a common sporting injury.
  • The muscle at the front of the thigh is called the quadriceps.

When to get advice:

  • If your leg is not bearing weight.
  • The pain is getting worse and worse.
  • Any pins and needles or sharp pain or heat that does not improve within a week.
  • The problem is not better in 6 weeks.

Move or rest?

First 24 hours

  • Gently move your leg every hour you’re awake for 10/20 seconds
  • Rest your leg but try not to keep it still for too long.

After 48 hours

  • Try and use your leg in your normal activities and work don’t overdo it!
  • Avoid engaging in extreme sports until you have good movement.
  • Gentle exercise can relieve pain
  • When going up the stairs reduce the strain by leading with your good leg.
  • When going down the stairs reduce the strain by leading with good leg.

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