Neck Pain

Most neck pain is caused by poor posture; it can start for no obvious reason and is not always as a result of an accident. Some of the symptoms may include hot burning sensation, shooting or stabbing pain, this may travel done one or both of your arms.

These symptoms even though uncomfortable are rarely due to any serious disease or damage, it should usually settle within six weeks, if it doesn’t not you should seek advice from your GP.

Neck Facts:

The joints and discs in your neck can become worn as you age, this is sometimes called cervical spondylosis

Poor posture is one of the main causes of neck problems. Look at our exercise information for some top tips on improving your posture.

When should I seek professional advice:
In most cases if you take the right advice your condition should improve in 6 weeks if it does not and you still have the following symptoms go to your GP;

  • If you have pain that is getting worse and worse
  • Balance or walking problems
  • If your pain is accompanied by weight loss or fever.
  • You have had your problem for over 6 weeks
  • Weakness in one or both arms or pins and needles that do not improve after 1 week.
  • Dizziness, ringing in your ears or blurred vision that does not go away within 6 weeks.

Move or Rest?

  • Try to keep your daily movements as usual at work or home.
  • Movement is key even if its only slowly to start with.
  • Gentle exercise can help with pain from your neck, don’t do things you wouldn’t normally ad don’t put any additional strain on your neck and arms.
  • Find a comfortable position
  • Collars slow down recover and cannot be worn when driving
  • Keep moving for a few second every hour throughout your waking day.