Hip Pain

As you age normal wear and tear can cause hip problems to emerge, often with no apparent or injury. Most hip issues settle down within 6 weeks.

Facts & Figures:

  • Hip problems are more common in women
  • Wear and tear is a common cause of hip pain, especially in the over 40’s

When to get advice:

  • Your leg is not weight bearing.
  • If you have swelling or pain around your testicles.
  • Pain that gets worse and worse.
  • A lump in your groin regions- this could be a hernia.
  • Your pain is not improving after 6 weeks.

Move or rest?

First 24 hours

  • Rest your hip but try to avoid long periods of not moving.
  • If possible, move your hip for 10/20 seconds while you’re awake.

After 48 hours

  • Until you have less discomfort avoid heavy lifting or strenuous sports.
  • Lead with your good leg when going upstairs – this may reduce the strain. If you have a handrail use it for support.
  • If you are going downstairs, lead with your problem leg to reduce the stain. If you have a handrail, use it for support.
  • Try to increase the use of your leg gradually, gentle exercise can really help your hip and relieve the pain.
  • Keep up your everyday activities where possible, this is a good way to get better.