Prioritise energisers in your life

Have you ever been in a room where the people you’re with provide inspiration and view life as an opportunity? These people make you feel positive, they are warm, welcoming and you feel energised after spending time with them. These people are energisers, and they are positive, they do good in their lives and for others, they keep things simple and have respect for others.

On the flip side, have you ever been in a room with people who make you feel tired, anxious and disengaged? These people are energy sappers. They often view life as one big problem, they are quick to judge and can be envious of others. Energy sappers can suppress the motivations of ambitious people and they can create an unhealthy atmosphere of bad feeling and negativity.

Recognise those in your life who are energy sappers, try to minimise time spent with them and prioritise spending more time with energisers. Build a network of energisers around you who will be a positive influence, because our relationships with others make a real difference to our lives. Think quality over quantity, focusing on building real connections with a couple of people you really value, rather than trying to stay in touch with lots of people – especially if life is busy.

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Dan Beadle

Site manager for Mace