Make good lifestyle choices

We can’t be good all the time, but our lifestyle and lifestyle choices are important. Unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity and drinking alcohol excessively are examples of not taking care of our physical health. Everything in moderation. If we don’t take care of our physical health, we’re likely to feel sluggish, lack energy and experience a lower mood.

Key things to consider:
1. Drink enough water – Our body needs 8 (8 ounce) glasses or 2L of water a day. Evidence suggests maintaining our levels of hydration helps us maintain a healthy weight, perform at our best and reduce stress.

2. A healthy diet – Try to consume carbonated drinks, refined sugars, artificial and processed foods in moderation and aim to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Read the NHS Eatwell guide for more information about a healthy diet.

3. Stay active – Being more active keeps our heart healthy, our muscles strong and our head happy. According to the NHS, adults aged 19 to 64 should try to be active daily and by doing at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity (such as cycling or brisk walking) every week.

4. Drink alcohol in moderation – The guidelines are to not drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week.

For more information on improving your lifestyle, visit the NHS website.

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Dan Beadle

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