It’s okay to say no

Clearly, there are some things we can’t say no to but sometimes we do have a choice, yet saying no isn’t always easy.  The reality is that saying no can support our self-care and can also be liberating.

It can feel uncomfortable to say no, usually because we want to be helpful, and we don’t want to let anyone down. Let’s reframe this because. while supporting and giving to others is good for us, it shouldn’t be at the expense of our own self-care.

So don’t be too quick to say yes if you’re not sure about something. Think it through and say “can I come back to you; I need to check a few things” before you commit.

Accept that it’s ok to say no. When we say no, it’s often quickly followed by a reason why we can’t help. We don’t need to justify the reason why and most people are unlikely to ask.

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Dan Beadle

Site manager for Mace